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The 83rd Infantry Division on January 17, 1945

This page shows the locations and record of events for today in 1944 or 1945. The map contains the locations, based on the coordinate on the morning report, shown in NATO symbology. A rectangle with two diagonals indicates an Infantry unit and the number on the bottom right hand indicates which organization the unit is part of (e.g. 330 is 330th Infantry Regiment). The value on the bottom left is the name of the unit (e.g. A is A Company). The table below the map contains the written locations, a link to the specific morning report of that unit and the record of events for 'today'. You can collapse the entries for specific units by clicking on the table header.

Disclaimer: The data below is solely based on the information of the morning reports. Coordinates were sometimes incorrectly noted and town names written incorrectly. A 1 indicates that the town name was corrected from the original.

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83rd Infantry Division
Company / UnitStationRecord of events
HQ Jevigné, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO Jevigné, Belgium1 No changes
ARTYHQ Ottré, Belgium1 No changes
ARTYHQBTRY Ottré, Belgium1 No changes
ARTYMEDDET Ottré, Belgium1 No changes
SPTRPSHQ Jevigné, Belgium1 Usual Administrative Duties in Combat Area. Weather: Clear and Cold.
SPTRPSMEDDET Jevigné, Belgium1 Usual Medical Duties in Combat Area. Weather: Fair and Cold.
BAND Bra, Belgium Usual Band Duties in Combat Area. Weather: Fair and Cold.
MP Ottré, Belgium1 No changes
329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / UnitStationRecord of events
HQ Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
HQ1BN Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 Bn in defense in vicinity of Bovigny, Belgium.
HQCO1BN Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 Co entrucked at Joubieval, Belgium at 1100. Detrucked at Petite Langlir at 1130. Co in defense.
A Joubiéval, Belgium1 No changes
B Joubiéval, Belgium1 Company jumped off in attakc on town of Bovigny, Belgium at 1400 15 Jan 44 and were stopped, after advancing 300 yds, by 6 Tiger Tanks which opened fire on the Company, wounding many. The Co withdrew to the rear of the woods and held up. Finally moved back at nite to their original position before the attack.
C Bovigny, Belgium1 Co in attack near Bovigny, Belgium. Co CP at 692829
D Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 Co in attack in vicinity of Bovigny, Belgium
HQ2BN Near Joubiéval, Belgium1 Bn CP moved fr woods to house on outskirts of woods. Bn waiting for other units to coordinate their attacks.
HQCO2BN Near Joubiéval, Belgium1 Co moved out of woods and men now in buildings. In temp defensive position. A & P plat dug in new CP. A-T guns in defensive position. Radio and wire section maintaining 24 hour communication.
E Honvelez, Belgium1 No changes
F Honvelez, Belgium1 Co is still in defense of the town of Honvelez, Belgium. Co broke up two enemy counter attacks with aid of artillery.
G Honvelez, Belgium1 Company in same position. Two hot meals were served. Co was shelled by artillery and mortar fire. Weather cold and clear. Morale fair.
H Honvelez, Belgium1 Setting up Defensive Positions in Honvelez. Enemy shelling heavy. Evacuation and Supply routes poor due to road conditions.
HQ3BN 1 mile north-west of Bovigny, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO3BN Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
K South of Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
L South of Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
M Near Bovigny, Belgium1 No changes
SERCO Sart, Belgium No changes
ATCO Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
CANCO Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 Co shelled by enemy artillery. 2 EM LWA. One truck, kitchen tent and equipment damaged.
MEDDET Sart, Belgium1 Left Lierneux 1600 by motor convoy, arrived Sart, 1700, distance approximately 5 miles.
330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / UnitStationRecord of events
HQ Hebronval, Belgium No changes
HQCO Hébronval, Belgium1 No changes
HQ1BN Montleban, Gouvy, Belgium1 Weather - cold & snow. Morale - good.
HQCO1BN Montleban, Gouvy, Belgium1 Weather - cold & snow. Morale - good.
A Vaux, Belgium No changes
B Vaux, Gouvy, Belgium1 Company in the attack
C Vaux, Gouvy, Belgium1 No changes
D Montleban, Belgium1 No changes
HQ2BN Joubiéval, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO2BN Joubiéval, Belgium1 No changes
E Joubiéval, Belgium1 No changes
F Joubiéval, Belgium1 No changes
G Joubiéval, Belgium1 No changes
H Joubiéval, Belgium1 No changes
HQ3BN Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO3BN Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
I Lomré, Belgium1 No changes
K Lomré, Belgium1 In reserve - Company reorganization
L Langlire, Belgium1 Company in reserve - Alerted for move.
M Lomré, Belgium1 In reserve. Alerted for move.
SERCO Hébronval, Belgium1 Company alerted to move.
ATCO 1/2 mile west of Hébronval, Belgium1 No changes
CANCO 1/2 mile south of Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
MEDDET Hébronval, Belgium1 No changes
331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division
Company / UnitStationRecord of events
HQ Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO Langlire, Belgium1 Usual CP duties. Co orderly room locatedin cellar of a house. Weather: cold with snow.
HQ1BN Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO1BN Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
A Langlire, Belgium1 Men spent night in foxholes. Relieved in this sector by 329th Inf. Company moved out in attack this AM. Weather cold.
B 1/2 mile west of Courtil, Belgium1 No changes
C Langlire, Belgium1 Co. was alerted late yesterday and moved on line to right flank of A and B Co's. Spent part of nite digging in positions there. Sv three hot meals today. Weather continued cold with some snow falling.
D Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
HQ2BN Langlire, Belgium1 Bn jumped off again at 1200 on same mission as noted 16 Jan 45. Cutting the Cherain-Courtil Highway in the vicinity of Nord de Guerre zone VP6880 also Bn to secure area and clean out area 400 yds SE of that point. Woman news correspondent fr the Atlantic montly in Bn area gathering information for publication. Weather: cold and overcast. Morale: Good.
HQCO2BN Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
E 1500 yards south-west of Courtil, Belgium1 Company in reserve but moved up to the vicinity of Bn mission following Co. F. Set up in a defensive position. Weather - cold and overcast. Morale - good.
F 1500 yds south of Courtil, Belgium1 No changes
G 1500 yards south-west of Courtil, Belgium1 Company lead off Bn advance on new mission of cutting the Cherain-Courtil road. Jumped off at 1200 and advanced on the left flank of Bn front and completed mission assigned. Battle casualties Light. Cold and overcast. Morale Good.
H Langlire, Belgium1 Company in attack.
HQ3BN Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
HQCO3BN Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 Defensive position. Snowing again today.
I 3 miles south of Langlire, Belgium1 Attacked and took sector of woods also sent out patrols to try and knock out tanks.
K 2 miles south of Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
L Langlire, Belgium1 Co with tanks and artillery support pushed through to edge of woods. Attack neted about 300 yds advance plus two tiger tanks knocked out.
M Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
SERCO Sart, Belgium Usual Camp Duties
ATCO Langlire, Belgium1 Mine plt 2nd sqd left Langlir to lay road blocks in vicinity of Contil. Layed one road block at 686807 one at 687805 one at 688804. Left Langlir at 1700, 16 Jan 45 and returned at 0830, 17 Jan 45 one sqd of mine plt left Langlir at 1500, 17 Jan 45 to lay a mine field near Contil when mortar fire slighly injured Pfc Marx and Brittain and seriously wounded Pfc Davis.
CANCO 1 mile east of Petite-Langlire, Belgium1 No changes
MEDDET Langlire, Belgium1 No changes